a philosophy

with 100 years of History

“Specialization is our path, customer satisfaction is our goal.”

Our mission is to develop sausages and raw-cured products tailored to the customer, offering items that follow the market trend or that are even ahead of him. Contemplate the whole existing market and take into account the consumption of the different religions of the world.

Our facilities

  • The modern facilities, inaugurated in 2011 and expanded in 2016, achieved the highest European quality certifications from the outset: IFS and BRC.
  • The design of the spaces and the distribution of the plant, favors the efficiency of the production and the well-being of those who work in it.
  • Pork production is independent of articles made with other Halal / Kosher certified animal species.

Company history

First generation
In 1939, once the war was over, JOAQUIM PARDÀS i VIDAL, a butcher with a shop on Carrer de Santa Eugènia since 1921, decided to build a new sausage factory in the area that at that time was the outskirts of Girona; next to the Barca Bridge. He commissioned the project and construction from the architect Ignasi Bosch i Reig, who designed a building that served as a factory, shop and house, and gave it the modernist look it retains today. In 1942, the activity of the new industry began, specializing in the manufacture of cured sausages, first with a mainly local market, which over time became regional and national.

Second generation
Twenty years later, his nephew EMILI CAULA i QUINTANAS took over the factory, modernizing the facilities and expanding the market.

Third generation
From 1976, JOAQUIM M. CAULA i PARDÀS, son of Emili, took over the management, expanding the facilities and building, in several phases, in the new factory next to the old one. The internationalization of the company began in 1989 and in 1991 it was approved by the European Economic Community.

Fourth generation

From 1992 onwards, the first children were incorporated: initially XAVIER and later EDUARD, who guaranteed continuity through the fourth generation. One as technical director and the other as head of sales, give a new impetus to the company that forces the construction of two more floors above the new factory. In 1998, the new facilities were inaugurated, basically dryers and a warehouse, but seeing that self-service products are on the rise, in 2000 it was decided to set up a Slice Room. In 2008, the third child, RICARD, joined the company to carry out accounting and marketing tasks.

To consolidate in the European market and continue to grow in sales, in 2011 a new 10,000m² factory was built in Sant Gregori, 4 km from the first. With the new facilities, the recognized international quality certifications IFS and BRC are achieved.

foto fàbrica vella caula
familia Caula
foto fàbrica vella caula
familia Caula