Clean Label Cured Sausages

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Caula Fuets Clean Label

Cured Sausages

Paprika - Black Pepper - Fine Herbs - Natural

Caula Llescats Original 1921 Clean Label


Chorizo - Ham - Cured Susage

-We have recovered the original recipes of our products and updated them with natural preservatives of vegetable origin.

-No additives E on the label
-Gluten free
-Lactose free
-No milk protein
-No colouring


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Tapas snack embutidos caula


Fuet - Chorizo - Ham - Olives - Cheese

– New presentation and new format for our selection of tapas and snacks.
– Whip, chorizo, ham, salami, pepperoni, cheese, olives …
– Ability to develop customized product combinations.
– Printed in high definition and with a paper-like feel.

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caula tapasnack motllo