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Commitment to quality and food safety

Strict requirements for the purchase of meat and other raw materials are the starting point for obtaining the good quality of the final product.

The main quality certifications available to the company are: IFS, BRC, Jamón Serrano, Halal and Kosher.

Controlled traceability

The elaboration of the products and the control of their traceability is managed with the help of the new technologies integrated in the productive process.

More sustainable

The company is gradually growing with the goal of having sustainable development.
The desire to minimize costs does not detract from our commitment to society and the environment.

Constant innovation

Year after year Embotits Caula invests in new research and development projects to obtain new products or improve them. In a highly competitive market, we maintain the spirit of improvement to adapt to the present or future needs of our customers.

quality control in caula
quality control in caula